To Watsons Bay

Our manager told us that we should visit this Watsons Bay and that the place has a very nice sunset view. So, one Saturday afternoon, some colleagues and I took the ferry to Watson(of course, using our red travel pass). The ferry we boarded was as large as the Supercat in the Philippines and it was even cooler because we could choose to sit out in the open. And the air was immaculately clean! It was soooo refreshing! I forgot how long the ferry ride was but I could still remember the breathtaking views we passed by. This structure (on the left) reminded me of Alcatraz but I had and still don't have any idea what's this.

The ride was also very interesting because the ferry had brief stops on different islands. If trains have train stations, then that ferry had ferry stations, wharves? (whatevah!)

So, if you're planning to take one of these ferries, be sure to charge your batteries and to empty your memory card! These might run out before you even reach Watsons. ^-^


Anything goes... said...

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Aisha said...

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Mohamed Suhail said...

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alutzu @ cornerparadise said...

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stevesmith said...

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Alisha Singh said...

Apart from the gorgeous sunset view, its a a wonderful destination to spend some time in seclusion away from the chaos of city.

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